Feb 1, 2010

From this weekend: Suri's first trip off the farm

Here's a quick shot from this weekend.  North Carolina was hit with snow, turning the farm into a seriously beautiful winter wonderland.  We had previously scheduled a visit to our local co-op, the Chatham Marketplace to promote our upcoming Open Barn (y'all come!).  With our  4X4 power and a hunger for brunch we set out with our first born doe, Suri.  It ended up being a great day- we talked to a surprising number of people and made some children very happy- one exclaiming, "Goat cheese ROCKS!"  Suri had a blast.  She definitely loves to be the center of attention.  Here's a snap of Joe teaching Suri to jump off the stairs in front of the Marketplace.  The two would run up and Suri would take a flying leap usally ending up sliding down the stairs, hitting the snow below and taking off running back to do it again.  Pretty adorable.


  1. Lora, These pictures and comments show
    how important loving,caring for animals and being in the moment provides us with organic
    delicious food. You are a wonderful person!
    Hugs to you and all your beautiful family!
    Ann Wilson, P.B. CA

  2. Thanks, Annie! We can't wait to see you and George!