Mar 10, 2010

Photo Booth

Over the weekend we held our second Open Barn of the season.

It was the first nice weekend we've had in a while and Spring Fever had all of us out in the sunshine.  I don't have an exact count but I think we welcomed somewhere around 200 people to the farm- multiple families picnicked on blankets in the fields, Rupert our resident peacock happily paraded for his audience, and lots of kids met our kids.

I set up a 'Celebrity Dairy Photo Booth' where for a donation to Heifer International you could take a ticket and get your picture taken with "Teeny the Wonder Goat" billed as "The World's Cutest Goat!"  Okay, so I can't legally prove that claim, but he's the world's cutest goat to me.  Over the weekend I took close to 100 photos and we raised over $1,500 for Heifer.

The photo booth was such a success I'm thinking we should consider offering it as an option for weddings, birthdays and other events held here on the farm.  Here are some snaps.

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