Apr 21, 2010


The pause I wrote about last time?  Yeah,  well it's well over.  Now, I feel more like maybe my mind and body are still clinging to that  pause while I'm being pushed along by some great invisible wave.

I haven't been writing too much, okay at all, because I've just been trying to stay afloat and sort through many confusing and conflicting feelings about what I'm doing and where I would ideally like to be.   

On the farm front, some of the babies have been moved off the farm and new ones born, we hosted an excellent farm dinner with the chefs from Bonne Soiree along with two additional farm dinners, I'm busy in the cheese room and now going to Saturday market's in Raleigh, and I still have my 2 off-farm jobs... oh, yeah, and my wedding is quickly approaching!

So, for now, all I can offer are some photos from the garden.  We've gotten everything in the ground we wanted to including: hakeuri turnips, giant calico pole beans, red cabbage, parisian carrots, sugar snap peas, dwarf grey snap peas (mainly for their flowers to be used as embellishments on pastries), roquefort lettuce, buttercrunch lettuce, a spicy mesclun mix, lots of arugula, two varieties of beets, brown crowder peas, and dixielee peas.   In addition, we've planted red clover as a cover crop in the old pig pen along with some bee balm and borage and a sunflower border bed near the barn.  And of course we have a variety of heirloom tomatoes in transplant flats. Things are germinating and looking good, much to my surprise!  I can't wait to see them grow...

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